Not much to say, except that I've been taking pictures for a long time and have quite a few that I like. Early on, the name was "photographs from the late 20th century". Time passed, and I saw the need for a change to something like "photographs from the turn of the century", or "snapshots..." or whatever. (A friend suggested "photographs from the late 20th century or thereabouts".)

Anyway, the main description is "street photography" because nearly everything I shot was on (or along) the streets and roads, with maybe a few when I ducked inside for whatever reason. And these streets and roads could be most anywhere.

The great majority of shots are from film (slides) that I scanned, and I still have lots of scanning left to do. Only a few were taken with digital cameras.

I hope you like a few of them. Highly unlikely you'd think they're all cool.

Ron Cooley